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Underwater wedding shoot


Your own photoshoot

Choose your location and time



+32 (0)475599249


- 150 Euro: 1Hr of shooting and photo editing included

- 20-30 pictures will be yours

- 60Euro per additional hour of shooting

- Cost of the location and travel expenses are not included in this price.

Say who?

Everybody has a story, and they're all interesting from their point of view. Mine goes through education in art, a career as a military diver to the rather unusual combination of becoming an underwater model photographer.

Say what?

Before we start the shoot I will go through the set-up, something about the technical part; how to hold your breath and how to pose underwater. During the shoot we can see the results on a screen attached to the camera. 

The postproduction should take about one to two weeks before you get the pictures.

How does it work?

What do you seek?

Set a date

About underwater shooting

First we should discuss what kind of shoot you would like to do? A lot of possibilities are open;

- Studio shoot - Underwater shoot - Outdoor shoot 

- Private shoot - Family shoot

- Fashion - Casual - Lingerie - Naked

Second we should find a date both of us fit. Depends on the location. If we need to rent a place all depends on the availability.

- If you have your own swimming pool, ideal, (or you know somebody who has one).

- If you plan to go for a relax private spa, it could be a good occasion to combine this with a shoot

-  And in case we have to rent a swimming pool, you have to count on about 100Euro per hour in general. 

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